Version 0.6.2 is now generally available. This release is primarily a maintenance release updating the version of Go from 1.17 to 1.22 in the Docker containers and the built artifacts available on GitHub. Additional fixes include improved entity selection when none is specified and more intuitive secret prompting during secret change in the CLI.

As always the changelog from the v0.6.1 release is now provided below:

* 7ab4a32 - (tag: v0.6.2) .github/workflows/release.yml: Update go to 1.22.
* d0408ba - Dockerfile: Update go to 1.22.
* b3ce670 - internal/ctl/root.go: only set the default entity if no error
* 5eb74f0 - pkg/netauth/subtle: add util function for comparing ssh keys
* eec9f7a - internal/ctl/system-ctl: don't run initialize(), rename to system-cli
* 96c27be - cmd/nsutil: Match keygen output file name to key provider naming
* 70e0065 - internal/ctl: Fix weird prompting around secret changes
* 1df568c - pkg/netauth: Handle config loading in library layer
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