Version 0.4.0 is now generally available. This release adds support for the newer kv2 key-value attributes on entities and groups, and will be the last release branch to support the older untyped metadata format.

This release also includes the rebuilt backend for storage, which has temporarily dropped support for running multiple copies on highly available filesystems. This was never truly supported, and really worked by luck. The new backend makes it much easier to build a backend on top of generic key-value storage technologies such as etcd, so a true storage backend is on the horizon that will satisfy HA requirements.

Finally, v0.4.0 changes some of the logic used to load files like certificates and public keys relative to the configuration file rather than relative to the data directory. In practical terms it is sufficient to copy your tls.pem and token.pem to /etc/netauth and no longer provide /var/lib/netauth on client machines.

Below is the changelog from version 0.3.4 to now:

* 38bc3a4 - (HEAD -> master, tag: v0.4.0, origin/master) LICENSE: Bump license years (6 days ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 55204af - (tag: v0.4.0-rc1) scripts: Fix NOTICE generation (8 days ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 6bae9fb - scripts: Fix vendor-licenses warning (8 days ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 5694ebe - .github: Add automatic release workflow (8 days ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 3930604 - Add Dockerfile (8 days ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* f92a044 - cmd/netauthd: load additional config relative to config.toml (3 weeks ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 67e50e8 - internal: Support query of all kv2 with * (3 weeks ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* b24a6d2 - internal: Support GroupKV* (4 weeks ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 8a41d95 - internal: Fix tests for EntityKV* (4 weeks ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 3654235 - internal/ctl: Add EntityKV* support (4 weeks ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 58d5914 - internal/rpc2: Support EntityKV* (4 weeks ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 2485bb5 - internal/tree: Add EntityKV* (3 months ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* b9636ab - internal/tree/hooks: Add entity-kv hooks (3 months ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 7019be1 - internal/db/memory: Add KVMutable capability (3 months ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 3e4982b - internal/db/filesystem: Implement filesystem key/value store (3 months ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* 67c6ee8 - internal/db: Refactor to K/V storage (3 months ago) <Michael Aldridge>
* ffb72d4 - cmd/netauthd: Drop support for rpc v1 (4 months ago) <Michael Aldridge>
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