Version 0.2.0 has been released to GitHub. This is the next major release of NetAuth and contains the new plugin feature. You can read more about this feature in the previous posts.

One of the largest changes in this release is the change to use hclog structured logging which provides additional logging levels, and provides a way to show additional context with each log line.

As always, the changelog is below:

* 6e21935 - (tag: v0.2.0) ROADMAP: leave a bit of mystery for v0.3.0
* 567d829 - README: mention plugin-okta
* 33c546a - README: remove production warning.
* df7f61d - internal/plugin: more robust handling if plugins are missing
* 4b9bbc6 - pkg/plugin: Fix fault in NullPlugin
* dcbf994 - cmd: remove dummy plugin
* 84da2d7 - modules: go mod tidy
* 918ff76 - ROADMAP: re-align with reality
* c09d4b7 - internal/plugin: Remove quicksave file
* 507f942 - internal/plugin: Adjust signatures for Destruction functions
* ee64d69 - internal/plugin: Insert hook into extant chain
* d8e9e9d - internal/ctl: Fix type in group-update.go
* 9febca6 - internal/tree: load on destroy for plugins
* d33cf39 - pkg/plugin: Add util helper for KV
* 99f89c2 - pkg/plugin: Pass data entity to CreateEntity
* 433796f - pkg/plugin: Add alias to internal plugin type
* 207deb4 - plugins/fail2lock: Add example plugin
* 5e0e0a9 - internal/plugin: use more intelligent proto merging
* 7c52949 - gitignore: ignore temp data directories
* 6167fb4 - internal/plugin: Support auto loading
* a7ed517 - internal/plugin: monitor status with healthCheck
* 16ea1e5 - various: Don't leak plugin processes on shutdown
* eed4ff9 - internal/plugin: make developing plugins easy
* b798199 - internal/plugin: Add null plugin type
* be22287 - internal/plugin: don't duplicate metadata
* 29ea8b7 - internal/plugin: Plugins work, but dup metadata
* fed8e35 - internal/plugin: Add transport components
* e146b2e - internal/plugin: Add interface for tree.Plugin
* c5a50a8 - internal/tree: Fix tests
* a2d2d7f - cmd/netauthd: add mechansim to specify log level
* ce57593 - various: switch to hclog
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