Version 0.0.4 has been released to GitHub.

This version includes nestable groups, slightly clearer field naming, and other assorted improvements.

Git history below:

* 08e22ed - (tag: v0.0.4) Replace uidNumber and gidNumber with Number
* d88cac5 - Rename group-members cmdlet to list-members
* 2dd5564 - Check cycles before accepting expansions
* 3fc085f - Add a mechanism to get the groups an entity is in
* 83aa43f - Add GroupInfo RPC
* f213790 - Handle group expansions for listing members
* d005fbb - tree: rename files in the membership tree
* 0d352d0 - Groups can be nested
* 1de5b87 - Fix call signatures in tests
* 119602c - group.go: put values in meta back before returning
* c09a1c5 - Support managing groups by membership in a management group
* d942ae8 - Set ManagedBy attribute on groups
* 71d09df - Externalize the proto definition
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