Version 0.0.13 has been released.

This release has been held for some time on the possibility that more tightly optimized group expansions and membership graph computation could be included. As this is not a roadmapped feature the decision has been made to release with the existing implementation.

That’s not to say there aren’t exciting things in this release though. There are big changes on the server side as well as the client side.

On the server side, gone is the mile long list of flags. Now configuration lives in a configuration file which is read on startup. This also has the convenience that the server now has a concept of a unified home directory which all paths are relative to.

On the client side, the command line interface has been completely revamped. As this is a large change, another post has already been published discussing it.

As always, the changelog is below:

* f6b38e1 - (tag: v0.0.13) internal: move flags to cmd/netauthd
* bb767e4 - cmd: ctl2 becomes ctl
* b4e458d - ctl: Replace subcommands with cobra
* 4811153 - all: Use Viper for configuration
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