NetAuth isn’t a single isolated daemon and command line tool, there’s a suite of software that plugs into it to create a functional service landscape. This page details this software.


The core server itself and the command line tools.


Deprecated: See pam-helper instead.


Most Linux and some BSD systems use Pluggable Authentication Modules to authenticate users. NetAuth can interface with PAM using pam-helper.


Connect systems that understand simple LDAP queries to NetAuth.


Map your NetAuth entities and groups into Linux systems.


Deprecated: See localizer instead.

Systems that use glibc to access the passwd and group databases can make use of nsscache to generate appropriate files for libnss-cache.


Need to obtain keys from NetAuth for another system? NetKeys can do this and is an ideal drop in to use with OpenSSH’s AuthorizedKeysCommand.


The core server can be extended by using plugins to augment the default behavior. Plugins can either change built-in behaviors, or can propagate events to external systems.

Raw gRPC

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? You can develop your own service that speaks NetAuth’s protocol in the language of your choice using the protocol definition.